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Anthony Chatfield

Writer, marketer, product creator, and digital media professional who has been developing and promoting digital content for nearly a decade. Has been at the leading edge of inbound marketing and content marketing as the new wave of digital strategy, having worked with more than one hundred clients in a diverse range of industries around the globe.
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Why Subject Matter Expert Content Often Fails, and How to Fix It

Anthony Chatfield July 02, 2018

Establishing expertise is important for all businesses, but it’s especially critical for B2B companies. In fact, subject matter expert (SME) content..

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The 5 Types of Content Every Website Needs

Anthony Chatfield May 14, 2018

You have a website. It’s well designed and you’ve started promoting it to drive new business. But, whether it’s not getting enough traffic yet, or the..

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What is a Persona and How Do You Write Content Targeting One?

Anthony Chatfield April 09, 2018

This isn’t your first rodeo. You know your business and you know your customers, so why is that every article about digital or inbound marketing starts..

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The 3 Most Important Best Practices for Inbound Marketing in 2018

Anthony Chatfield March 02, 2018

Inbound marketing drives innovation and success at all levels of business, but like all technology-driven marketing practices, it continues to evolve...

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How to Write about What You Do

Anthony Chatfield February 19, 2018

The most critical pages on your business website are the ones that tell visitors what your company can offer.

When creating the content for these..

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What Matters to Your Customers? Building an Inbound Content Campaign

Anthony Chatfield October 17, 2017

How many times have you received a promotional email from a company trying to sell you something?

How often do you actually care?

More often than not,..

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3 Ways to Create Content Outside Your Industry That Generates Leads

Anthony Chatfield July 13, 2017

What does the average business blog look like?

Not the big corporate ones or the trendy startups, but the average IT services, financial advisory, or..

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Your Blog Post is Live...Now What?

Anthony Chatfield June 30, 2017

In the last few years, there’s been a rush by marketers and marketing product creators alike to tell people that it’s gotten a lot easier. Just launch..

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5 Tips to Speak Your Audience's Language

Anthony Chatfield May 18, 2017

Content needs to speak the same language as the people reading it. Generic content, content that doesn't touch on the specific needs or concerns of..

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How to Create the Ultimate Automatic Followup Machine

Anthony Chatfield April 05, 2017

Traditionally, marketing teams focused almost entirely on lead generation, dumping the fruits of their efforts in the laps of the sales team and..

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