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Why Subject Matter Expert Content Often Fails, and How to Fix It

Anthony Chatfield July 02, 2018

Establishing expertise is important for all businesses, but it’s especially critical for B2B companies. In fact, subject matter expert (SME) content..

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The 5 Types of Content Every Website Needs

Anthony Chatfield May 14, 2018

You have a website. It’s well designed and you’ve started promoting it to drive new business. But, whether it’s not getting enough traffic yet, or the..

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3 Ways to Create Content Outside Your Industry That Generates Leads

Anthony Chatfield July 13, 2017

What does the average business blog look like?

Not the big corporate ones or the trendy startups, but the average IT services, financial advisory, or..

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5 Tips to Speak Your Audience's Language

Anthony Chatfield May 18, 2017

Content needs to speak the same language as the people reading it. Generic content, content that doesn't touch on the specific needs or concerns of..

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How to Create the Ultimate Automatic Followup Machine

Anthony Chatfield April 05, 2017

Traditionally, marketing teams focused almost entirely on lead generation, dumping the fruits of their efforts in the laps of the sales team and..

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The Three Things Your Site Must Do to Be Marketing Ready

Anthony Chatfield March 09, 2017

Your website is more than just a brochure. It is a digital manifestation of your business. It represents not only who you are as a company, but who..

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How to Connect with your Audience through Content

Anthony Chatfield August 10, 2016

This is almost certainly not the first article you’ve read about content marketing. The Internet is littered with them; good marketers trying to help..

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7 Tips to Generate More Leads with Content

Anthony Chatfield August 02, 2016

Remember the days when marketing was a blood sport? When it required a ruthless approach to your competitors, deep pockets, and a scorched earth..

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Consistency is the Key to Successful Content Marketing

Anthony Chatfield July 15, 2016

Volume is an important factor in content marketing – the more you produce, the more people will likely see your content. But even volume has an upper..

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5 Questions for Effective B2B Audience Targeting

Anthony Chatfield July 15, 2016

One of the most common concerns I hear from fellow marketers and business owners first implementing content marketing in their efforts is that it..

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